Praise for A Voice for Victoria

This was an eye-opening book for me, to the pain, guilt and anguish that a woman may carry with her long after choosing an abortion. Any woman who is considering that option must read this book, hopefully it will help them to avoid making a decision that they may regret their entire life. Any woman who has already had an abortion must read this book, to find the forgiveness and life that Geraldine F. Jacobs found on her journey of healing.

5-Star Amazon Review by Matthew Posh


August 7, 2018

Just read your book! We were camping and I took it with me! I couldn’t put it down!

It brings tears to my eyes to see how God was working in your life!

I wish that I could have been there for you during our high school years! What a testimony to so many out there that are carrying the guilt of having an abortion! And know you are out there saving who knows how many lives of unborn babies!

Someday you will see your precious daughter’s face and spend a life time with our savior Jesus Christ!

Susan McMullen, PA


June 2, 2018

As a young woman who has grown up in a secure, Jesus-following home, I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety that came from Geri’s childhood. I need to read this book again so I can try to grasp the magnitude of her story. I have always valued human life. I applaud Geri for following the Lord’s peaceful prodding to bring her through her trauma to redemption and healing. Whether or not you have had an abortion, or are contemplating it, please read this book! The facts are here. Abortion may seem like an easy way out, but it is not. The life of a human being is worth more than any of us can fully comprehend, whether inside or outside of the womb. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Olivia Sundin, Ohio


5.0 out of 5 stars A book to be read by all. For women and their partners who have made that ‘choice’ and for the rest who have not.

May 23, 2018

Geri has given a priceless gift to humanity in selflessly and truthfully sharing a very painful journey in her life, one far too many women and couples take. The pervasive and all-consuming impact this decision had on her as well as the father, and still to this day, is rarely told and I entreat each and every woman to read this book and learn from her journey. For all others not currently faced with the choice of abortion, I also highly recommend the reading of this book, in the understanding that our knowledge (or lack thereof) can deeply influence those around us in many ways. After the great sadness and painful regret, Geri shares a beautiful, salvific truth, that of Christ’s forgiveness and redemption. This book is not just ‘a read’, it is in reality a gift in its real life truthfulness, enlightenment, empowerment and the eternal hope that it gives to all. A beautiful tribute to her daughter, Victoria!

Elaine D. Kent, Ohio



I didn’t really have the time, but couldn’t help myself – read the book in one day! The tide is turning because of people like you who will tell the truth with courage and grace. Thank you for sharing your experience, and you are so right – what a glorious homecoming awaits you. Your light shines bright!

Bonni – Granville, Ohio


Geri, you are so brave to relive that “one choice” over again, through your book and now in person at your presentation and book signing.

Most people want to bury the religious and social shame of such an act (see there I have a hard time even saying the word). It (abortion) needs to be brought to the surface and addressed. I admire you for doing just that. Look at all the women coming forward and exposing powerful men after many decades of abuse … nothing will change if it is not exposed to the light.

I imagine your story will save lots of babies. You are a strong woman, Geri.

And after the presentation:  You are such a wonderful person … I read your book twice, and I’ve gathered so much information about life and its importance in everyday living … your book is so informative. You are certainly a pioneer for life and how to live it.

I hope your experience is taught to all junior high students in public schools … it will save many little Victoria’s who never had a chance or choice.

I think of the video at your presentation and book signing and still cry at the loss of life of these precious little beings. I’m glad I know the woman who had the guts to expose such a crime. We are all ignorant of the sin.

And finally you, Geri, had the strength to come forward and expose the hurt of these tiny little beings who have as much right to life as you and I.

I love you Geri … I teared up just writing this email.

You are truly a humanitarian.

God bless you in all your endeavors.

Abby Novel – Utica, Ohio


Thanks Geraldine. Your presentation was outstanding. I would pray that anyone even thinking that abortion was an option would hear what you had to say!

Joy Padgett, Coshocton, Ohio


Happy Sunday Geri,

I want to tell you how very special you are and your presentation was magnificent, compelling and provocative. I loved the voices in the audience and the video. It was so well put together. You are so courageous and gifted! God certainly has created a powerful service for you to put forth.  It was so uplifting to see you yesterday.

Nance McAleer – Granville, Ohio


Hi Geri,

Just wanted to let you know I finished your book last week and enjoyed it very much. Well done! I loved all the personal details and pictures and throwbacks to the time period with mentions of music. I really liked reading the part that explained the picture on the cover. You made a great choice in colors and texture. It is a beautiful book. I hope many will read it.

Jannie – Newark, Ohio

 I started reading this book out of curiosity but soon was drawn in to becoming aware of what trauma women go through when deciding to end the life of their unborn child. So glad the author found her way to healing and am sure this book can help others who find themselves in difficult situations. Good for you, Geraldine Jacobs!!

 Copertina flessibile


Geraldine’s book, A Voice For Victoria, was an eye-opener for me as I wasn’t familiar with anything about abortion or fetal development. The fact that a fetus has a heartbeat and viable nervous system at only 20 days was news to me. Everyone should be made aware of that.

Her story begins in childhood, progressing through teen years, young adulthood, and up to the present. It’s a timeline of emotional events reflecting the consequences of abuse, family dysfunction, and sadness, followed by growth, healing, and finally a release from guilt and grief. She was able to find peace through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

I hope that anyone contemplating an abortion will read her book and choose life.

ASB, Newark, Ohio


Hi Geri,

Took the opportunity to read A Voice for Victoria today and could not put it down. I read it with tears and finished it with thankfulness. God has a work for you to do, He has given you the talent to put it in writing. It’s the broken vessels that the light shines through.

Andee McKean Faggioli, West Virginia


If you’re thinking of an abortion, read this book first! Jesus, Geri, and Victoria take you on a healing journey. Starting from a mind-altering experience of a little girl, then through the “Do what thy wilt” “me” generation of me decisions. Victoria lets her mom know that riding one day, which was a divine intervention, she was on the right trail! A must read!

Mary Karinch, Renton, Washington


A Voice for Victoria is a wonderful book. Ms. Jacobs takes the reader through her own personal story of pain and heartache to finding hope and healing. It was very hard to put the book down once I started reading. A Voice for Victoria shows that healing is always possible. While our stories are different, we can see that we all have similarities in our pain and that there is always hope. It was an honor to have gotten the chance to walk through Ms. Jacob’s journey.

Stephanie Loughman, Newark, Ohio, author of “The Journey”


Raw, real, inspiring. This memoir will evoke compassion and understanding in your heart for each woman who’s made the choice to end her baby’s life. Abuse, comments made by parental figures, and cultural views impacted the author’s choices. Her story will encourage each reader to take their own journey to healing

Kate Troy, Ohio, author of “She Speaks”


This book touched me tremendously. The author provides an honest look into the consequences of abortion. A Christian and a talented writer, she shares her story in hopes of saving others from her journey. Thankfully, she eventually found peace and honored her unborn child with a beautiful name. This story is a true victory.

Jo Ann Wiblin, Ohio


Awesome book, well-written and it takes you on a journey from broken to beautiful. Remember that all choices have consequences, and abortion has heartbreaking consequences only God can mend. My favorite part was the “Journal Entries” as I have recorded the “trail of tears” my choice led me on. I am the prophetic voice of 911Babies a ministry of “wounded hearts” healed and restored for God’s glory. We will be using this great resource as a teaching guide in our Life Village project!

Eddie DeHart, North Carolina, 911Babies


I purchased Geri’s book last night at her book signing and read 8 chapters as I couldn’t put it down. This book is one all women should read on the life-time pain of abortion. PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOULD HAVE TO GIVE THIS TO ALL WOMEN BEFORE THEY HAVE AN ABORTION. Great job Geri for working to make a difference in ladies lives. Love you.

Nancy Channell, Newark, Ohio


“Geri, I read your very powerful and well-written book. Everyone, men included, should read your book to gain a better understanding of what it is like for a woman to go through what you and many other women have gone through. I hope your book will change the minds of any woman who may be considering an abortion. Thank you.”

Neil Phelps, Ohio, author of “The Historic Licking County Jail, Granville”


Rachel’s Vineyard Recommends:
“A Voice for Victoria” by Geraldine Jacobs

What a special gift to know that a participant at our Rachel’s Vineyard retreat felt compelled to write about her healing journey, and A Voice for Victoria by Geraldine Jacobs is the inspiring and beautiful result of her experience.  Geri shares the depth of her pain and the story of her life to give the reader a glimpse into one woman’s reason to seek abortion. She goes on to share how the results of that decision impacted the rest of her life.  She does not leave you wondering why she chose to take that route because her complete honesty is there for all to see.  Geri tells her story beginning with her early childhood and ending in the present day so that the reader can understand all that she has done in the way of emotional healing, forgiveness, and soul-searching. All to help her become the woman God created her to be with the desire to help others through their pain.  She hopes that those who read her book will see what being pro-life in today’s culture really is.  Our Rachel’s Vineyard team is very blessed that Geri trusted us to be a part of her journey towards healing

Reviewed by Evelyn Walsh


Dear Geri,

I took an afternoon to read your book—even delayed cocktails for an hour and a half to finish. What a profound work, especially for those of us who know you, to appreciate the challenges you faced in life. I am sure it was very healing not only to attend the retreats and therapy but to actually catalog it in a book! Many of us in our generation thought about the freedom of choice with Roe vs Wade and the sexual revolution that was going on, so an inconvenient pregnancy was aborted. Period. When it is explored more deeply as you have done, how could it have been so nonchalant? America’s Holocaust exactly!!!  I am so pleased you have come to terms with the past and found forgiveness in the Lord. I also hope the book receives a wide circulation to help others who have been there or are considering that option.

Peace be with you, sister.
Wm M Keyser, Berwyn, PA.


Hi Geri …. was in CO when your book came out and waited ’til I got home to order. Still plan to, but my friend Pat (who got a copy from you at the reunion) gave me hers to read. Started and finished it today … couldn’t put it down. Well done! Our God is a great God, and you are an amazing person! Looking forward to your next project!

Wanda King, Honey Brook, PA


I’m at a loss for words to tell you how impressed I am by your book.  It’s so complete, from your childhood memories (that tore me apart as I thought of your suffering) until the last page.  The best part of all was when you wrote that you had at last found peace—sadness, yes, but peace, so no longer a constant search for it.

I marvel at the way you drew from Scripture and from the writings of others (that helped you along your long, long way).

And I think it is so appropriate and needed that you explained the different kinds of abortion.  It makes one cringe as well it ought, but you were brave to state it for what it is.

I could go on and on, Geraldine, but I want to say that not only was your book, A Voice for Victoria a blessed release for you, but it will be an eye-opener to thousands who have had abortions or are involved in any way in this terrible holocaust of the unborn.

I’m happy that you were able to include some of my writings on the subject, too!

Congratulations on a magnificent work, Geraldine!  Only God knows the sweat and tears that went into it.

And dear little Victoria Grace is smiling with love on you from Heaven.

Much love, in Our Lord,

S. M. E., Brooklyn, New York


A Voice for Victoria is gripping, inspiring, and obviously healing. As a doctor, I assumed a woman’s abortion didn’t bother her and felt it too personal a topic to approach—shame on me. Ms. Jacobs has borne her burdens well as she shares her moving story.

Dr. Donald J. Fairbanks, MD., Ohio


A Voice for Victoria shows how our culture has been lulled into lukewarm acceptance of killing an unwanted child through abortion. In sharing her personal experience, Ms. Jacobs sheds light on abortion’s unpublicized, far-reaching, and damaging results that are often unconscious. Despite the heartbreaking consequences of her choice, hope and redemption ultimately prevail in her inspiring account.

Joanne Brady, Exton, Pennsylvania


I thought I would just take a look at your book and then read it at a later time. I could not stop reading! Wow! A Voice for Victoria is so well-written, so well-researched, flows with energy! A compelling and moving read! Fantastic!!!

Michelle Kindt RN, MSS, BCD, LCSW, Pennsylvania


A Voice for Victoria contains a poignant message about redemption, preceded by serious self-reflection and a growing awareness of the author’s experiences. Ms. Jacobs has poured her heart out on these pages, detailing the tumult of her childhood and early adulthood, and the tragic decision she made. After taking responsibility for the death of her unborn child, she acknowledged it to God and began, with Him, to set things right. A Voice for Victoria is a tearful and honest read with a hopeful message for all who have walked this path.

Sarah Chaulk, Author, Firefly Magic, Johnstown, Ohio


Ms. Jacobs,
Thank you so much for sending me your lovely chapter for review! I was so taken with it that I had Dr. Theresa Burke and another assistant here read it as well and we all loved it. We feel so blessed that you were able to find healing at the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.

Lairen Vogan, Executive Assistant Rachel’s Vineyard, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


All of us have failures and struggles but the majority of individuals refuse to talk about them. It may be painful and frightening to revisit those events, yet that is where we learn and grow. In A Voice for Victoria, Ms. Jacobs has bared her soul through her healing journey in an effort to save the precious lives of the unborn, created by God. I’m grateful for God’s forgiveness and Ms. Jacobs, to you, for sharing your story.

Jim Allison, Ohio


Hi Geri!
So enjoyed our visit yesterday!
Came home and started on your book and around 7 p.m. I finished it!
A Voice for Victoria is a wonderfully inspiring read … sad, yet uplifting … thought provoking and informative.
You have done a great job sharing your experience, while also offering hope and guidance to others.
Wishing you safe travel home to Ohio.

Jean Demey, Wayne, Pennsylvania


Dear Geri,
Once I started to read, didn’t put your book down and finished it in one sitting. How brave you are to share your story with the world. I’m certain that the telling of your story will help others who have faced or might someday face what you experienced in your life.
I cry for you as an innocent child, celebrate you as a strong woman, and rejoice that you have found that strength and peace that passes all understanding through Christ.

Patty Jackson, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania


When this book was presented to me by my friend of many years, knowing she had been writing a book, I was honored. I was reading a library book at the time and told her as soon as I finished the library book I would start A Voice for Victoria. Well, I decided to just open it and read a few lines and was immediately hooked! Read the entire book in an afternoon. Such a page turner – could not put it down.
I found her book to be painful, but so beautifully written that it, to my mind, speaks to not only to her situation, but offers wonderful advice to many other traumas that many of us have survived during our lives. The words contained in A Voice for Victoria can help us heal.
Went on Amazon and sent a copy of A Voice for Victoria to each of two friends who I knew would be blessed by Geraldine’s words.
Thank you my friend.

Suzanne DeAngelo,  Malvern,  PA


Thank you for sharing your book release of A Voice for Victoria with us. As we are very encouraged that you are using your story to help others, we are also truly sorry! Almost everyone on our team have women close to them who have had abortions.

We hear from so many women that if only someone would have shown or told them the truth or offered them help, they would have never gone through with the abortion. It must take a lot of courage to share your story, but know that your story has the power to save lives from abortion, and save women and men from the pain that follows.

We will keep you and your family in our prayers. We will also keep your book and story on hand and share it when we are able to. May God bless you and save lives and help new mothers through you and your story!

If you know someone in an Unplanned Pregnancy (800-712-4357) or in need of Healing after Abortion (888-456-4673) there is help.

Gabriel L. Vance
Special Projects Coordinator
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PO Box 360502
Columbus, OH 43236
Created Equal

“Did you fail to rescue those who were being dragged off to death, those tottering, those near death, because you said, “We didn’t know about it”? Surely, the Searcher of hearts knows and will repay all according to their deeds.”  Proverbs 24: 11-12


Card received from Surrey Flint, Malvern, PA